Seconds Heart Glass Trinket Dish

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Seconds items will have small defects such as a black fleck trapped between the layers of glass. These are usually minimal and barely noticeable but they aren't quite perfect enough to sell at full price.


Perfect for storing little treasures like rings and earrings, these trinket dishes are a pretty addition to your bedside or dressing table.

They are made from 2 layers of glass that encase a hand painted and stamped gold heart, this is fused together and then placed in a mould and fused a second time to create the dish shape. 

Available in 3 colours, Mint, Teal and Lavender, the pastel shades are very appealing and the chunky weight of the glass is very tactile to hold.

Approx. 7 x 7 cm and 1.5 cm tall

The Gold heart naturally crinkles as it fuses in temperatures up to 800 degrees, as shown in the photos. A natural occurrence in Art glass is the formation of little bubbles, as shown in the photos. These are random and will vary slightly from piece to piece but add a lovely charm to this handcrafted item.