Seconds Hearts Tealight Holder

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These seconds tealight holders may have slightly too much clear and too little white wispy glass to sell at full price or they may have slight marks in the back of the glass from the kiln shelf. Usually £12.50.


"Love Never Fails" 

Simple design is something I love, just allowing the nature of the raw material to show through the final piece. Much like those 3 little words hold a great deal of meaning, so these very simple materials come together to create something beautiful.

This tealight holder is a truly beautiful piece, made with a wispy white and clear glass and 2 copper hearts creating a simple design. The hearts are made from a sheet of copper so have the natural texture of this material. When fired at 800 degrees the copper turns this wonderful shade of red.

The natural properties of the art glass causes the bubbles detailed in the photos and these are another simple characteristic of the materials I use.

10 x 6 x 5.5 cm Each piece is handcrafted and may have small variations from the image shown.

These candles are lovingly created by Lucy using totally natural ingredients for a truly planet friendly candle.