Word Of Intention Pure Heart

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2021 may not be the year to commit to a New Years Resolution but have you ever considered a Word of Intention instead?

The beauty of this idea is the ability to apply it across all areas of life. For example, replacing "Drink More Water" with "Healthy" means that you can explore and adapt your plan throughout the year as your circumstances change.

These "Pure Hearts" have been designed to remind us that we have a daily choice to reset our focus and approach to every situation. You will receive an A5 Kraft Postcard with a removable white wispy glass heart attached to the left hand side. The right hand side is printed with space for you to write your word of intention (I'd recommend a sparkly pen!). You could then fold the card to create a freestanding A6 card or cut it in half and frame it as an A6 print.

Due to the hand made nature of this piece the heart may not have perfectly straight edges as each one is cut by hand, fused and drilled. They are cut from a large piece of glass with a random wispy pattern so each one will be entirely unique.

Card - A5 brown Kraft card 21 x 14.7 cm

Glass Heart - Approx 7 x 6 cm plus hanging thread